Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More of the Family Fabric Stash . . .

Here's Minnie again, my great-great-grandmother on my Mom's side. This photo was taken of her in the 1920s. And here is another item from the family fabric stash:

A very cool apron that my Mom thinks Minnie made . . . and wore. There's some very cool red rick-rack around the edges, and the little tucks on the side are very sweet . . . and it fits me!

And all of this sewing skill definitely got passed down . . . my mom made her own wedding dress.

And when my dad was stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam War, he brought my mom back beautiful Thai silk fabrics . . . my mom used white silk with a medallion pattern to make this western style shirt:
It totally fits me! I love the big collar . . . though it could do with a good ironing. And mom took this beautiful blue patterned silk and made this slinky halter dress lined with red:

When she first made it, it was floor length and had a very sexy slit up the side for a flash of thigh and red silk! She's since shortened it, but it still has that lovely slit . . . and sadly, it doesn't fit me up top. But Mom has given these to me anyway - knowing how meaningful they would be to me. So, I'm trying to figure if there's a way I can re-fashion it . . . maybe a skirt?

Thanks, Mom.

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