Friday, September 21, 2007

The inspiration for this . . .

I've been thinking about doing this for a very long time. I love the idea of sharing what's going on in the world of my artmaking and creative life, and connecting to a whole community of other making-type people. But sometimes things just have to incubate. Stay warm in the shell before they break out. Now, I've finished grad school, and I'm moved into my new studio, and I've had a month off to start really making things again, and it's just time to come out my shell.

I went with a friend last night to watch the Vaux's swifts gather at sunset at the Chapman School chimney here in Portland. There were these wonderful gentle pulses - thousands of birds swooping in towards the
chimney (where they all nest), then dispersing, then swooping in, a few spiraling funneling into the chimney, the rest dispersing out . . . So cool, and it went on for 45 minutes, like the chimney was gently breathing the swifts in and out, sucking a few more in with each breath. I've been doing so many things with images of birds lately that it really resonated with me . . . birds are all about freedom and home . . . lovely contradictions. I made this shrine, which I call "Stirred," from an actual barn swallow nest that a friend saved for me . . . I love how the little bird has two mugs of coffee (hard to tell they're mugs in the picture, and they could be tea, but let's say for the sake of argument that they're Stumptown coffee). It says so much to me about what I want home to be. And then I start thinking that I really don't want to analyze it that much! Anyway - if you want to see it in person, it'll be on display at the 100th Monkey Studio here in Portland as part of their October "Transitions" show. It's my first show in a very long time - I love that feeling of momentum.


gl. said...

welcome, bridget! so glad to see you writing! i saw the swifts on saturday for the first time. it was great! i can't believe all those birds fit in that chimney.

congrats on the show; i wish i could come to the opening but i'll be in england! hopefully i'll get a chance to stop by & see the art later in the month. :)

Michele said...

Thanks, Bridget, for spreading your inspiration far enough for me to see it. Thanks also for reminding me that the swifts are doing their thing. Must go by to watch in the next few days.

Love, love, love the 'bird's nest box' (sorry I already forgot the title!)

Michele Brooks

Ann said...

Bigger picture, please?

Bridget Benton said...

If you want to see the picture bigger, I think the one that's on the website in the gallery is a little bigger ( though still woefully overexposed!!